Firaxis bringing Haunted Hollow to iOS

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.22.13

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Firaxis bringing Haunted Hollow to iOS

Firaxis is one of my favorite game developers -- they're the group behind the Civ series as well as the recent (and excellent) XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot. Today, they've surprise-announced a game called Haunted Hollow, which is coming to iOS later on this spring. As you'd imagine from Firaxis, it's a strategy game, but it's a little more colorful and fun than Civ or XCOM -- you'll be building up a mansion full of monsters, trying to scare townspeople and slowly take over the town you're in. Each monster can be powered up, and there are even some multiplayer modes, either over Game Center or with pass-and-play.

It sounds really great. The game will be available for free from the App Store, with the title supported by microtransactions (probably for currency, though extra themes and architecture are mentioned as well). We'll watch out for a release, and let you know when we spot the game available for download.

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