Logitech announces new Keyboard Folio for iPad and iPad mini

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Logitech announces new Keyboard Folio for iPad and iPad mini

Logitech has been making a name for itself in the iPad accessory business, selling such popular products as the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad (US$99.99, $89.99 for the iPad mini version). Today the company announced a new pair of keyboard cases for the iPad line: the Keyboard Folio for iPad (US$99.99) and iPad mini ($89.99).

What makes these Keyboard Folios different from the Ultrathin Keyboard Covers? For one thing, the Folios totally surround the iPad, protecting the back of your device. The Ultrathin Keyboard Covers can be removed easily and don't keep the back of the iPad from getting scratched. The Keyboard Folios, on the other hand, feature a colorful folding exterior to make sure that your iPad remains pristine.

That cover features magnetic closures that also turn your device on and off, and a hands-free flip stand with two viewing angles -- one for typing, one for keyboard-free use of the iPad while still in the case.

Colors for the full-sized iPad (second, third or fourth generation) include Carbon Black, Fantasy Pink, Electric Blue and Acid Yellow, while the iPad mini will look fashionable in either Electric or Mystic Blue.

Logitech announces new Keyboard Folio for iPad and iPad mini

Logitech says that a single charge will last for up to three months of typing for two hours a day. Judging from the experience that many TUAW bloggers have had with the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, it's safe to say that the battery life for the Folio will be equally good.

The Keyboard Folios are currently available for pre-order on the Logitech website, and we'll have a full review of them as soon as we receive hardware from Logitech. Logitech expects the Keyboard Folio to be available for American and European iPad users in April, while the mini version should debut in May.

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