Star Trek Online's Stahl talks Romulan faction alignment and more

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|04.04.13

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Star Trek Online's Stahl talks Romulan faction alignment and more
Star Trek's Stahl talks Romulan faction alignment and more
Star Trek Online producer Dan Stahl sounds off on a variety of expansion-themed topics in the latest Cryptic dev blog featuring a series of questions by Massively's own Terilynn Shull. He devotes a particularly lengthy wall o' text to player concerns about the new Romulan faction being forcibly aligned with either the KDF or the Federation.

"Just like the other two factions, Romulans have exclusive species, costumes, and starships that cannot be used by the other factions," Stahl explains. "While these citizens will start out in old ships they've managed to come by, they'll eventually gain access to new Republic ship designs and, when they've achieved proper rank in the Fleet, famous Romulan Warbirds such as the D'Deridex."

Stahl also clarifies how STO can go about unlocking the new Reman species once the Legacy of Romulus expansion launches. "All accounts will have the ability to unlock the Reman species, which is an exclusive species to the Romulan Republic, in one of two ways: they can either purchase the species unlock, or they can earn it by achieving maximum tier in the Romulan Reputation with a captain of any faction."
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