Barnes & Noble relabels PubIt! as Nook Press, adds web-based publishing tool

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Barnes & Noble relabels PubIt! as Nook Press, adds web-based publishing tool

Barnes & Noble's PubIt! self-publishing conduit has been active for well over two years, but you'd be forgiven for overlooking it with that somewhat forgettable (if very emphatic) name. The company might just know what you're thinking, as it's giving the service a considerably more memorable title, Nook Press, while upgrading features at the same time. Although the royalty structure remains the same, Nook Press now incorporates a web-based authoring tool: would-be Hemingways can write and preview their work through one online hub, sharing their drafts with others in a secure space. Those who commit should also get more exposure through an upcoming Nook Press channel on Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets. There's no guarantee that the rebranding will lure potential bestselling authors away from Amazon, but they may have a better sense of their options.

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NOOK® Introduces NOOK Press™: Innovative New Publishing Platform for Authors

Offers Authors Fast, Easy and Free Tools to Create, Collaborate and Publish the Highest Quality eBooks and Access to Millions of NOOK Customers

New York, New York – April 9, 2013 – NOOK Media LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced the launch of NOOK Press, a new and innovative self-publishing platform offering authors a fast, easy and free way to write, edit, collaborate and publish the highest quality eBooks and directly distribute them to millions of avid readers. By removing the technology barrier from self-publishing and offering easy-to-use tools for writing, editing and publishing eBooks, NOOK Press makes it even easier for authors to focus on writing and reaching new readers. To get started today, visit

NOOK Press builds on the success of PubIt!™, Barnes & Noble's original self-publishing platform. In just two and a half years since its launch, PubIt! has propelled many writers to become national bestselling authors, and the program continues to achieve incredible growth:

* PubIt! continues to attract 20% more independent authors every quarter.
* Titles from self-published authors continue to increase by 24% each quarter in the NOOK Store™.
* Customer demand for great independent content continues to dramatically increase as 30% of NOOK customers purchase self-published content each month, representing 25% of NOOK Book™ sales every month.

Leveraging technology from partner FastPencil, and designed with input from PubIt! authors, NOOK Press now offers unique collaboration, content creation and publishing tools in an elegant and intuitive interface. With NOOK Press, Barnes & Noble continues its long tradition of connecting authors with great stories to millions of readers.

"We're thrilled to bring all the new and exciting features of NOOK Press to existing PubIt! authors and new writers looking for a quick, effective and free one-stop self-publishing platform that delivers high-quality eBooks to millions of book-loving NOOK customers," said Theresa Horner, Vice President of Digital Content at NOOK Media. "NOOK Press authors bring variety, new voices and value to NOOK's ecosystem that allows us to continue to offer our customers a great selection of noteworthy eBooks by independent authors at unbeatable prices."

NOOK Press provides authors with simple tools such as:

* Instant Access: The "Quick Start" option lets writers try out the tools before they commit to becoming a vendor, all they need to sign up is an e-mail address. "Live Chat" offers writers instant support and personalized answers to questions at every stage of the publishing process. * The service is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm EST.
One-stop Service: Authors can write, edit, format, and publish their work in one place with exclusive content tools all at no cost, and sell books to millions of NOOK customers within 2-3 days.
* Easy ePub Creation and Editing: With new content creation tools, authors can easily upload a manuscript just once, then continue to write and edit directly within NOOK Press, quickly and easily turning their work into a professional-quality ePub file.
* Integrated Collaboration: NOOK Press allows authors to safely and quickly invite their network of friends and editors to read and comment on any NOOK Press project in a secure environment.
* Easier-to-Read Sales Reporting: Visually-enhanced sales report allows authors to easily track daily sales and track month-over-month progress.
* Pathways to Passionate Readers: With NOOK Press, authors can publish once and reach millions of customers using NOOK and NOOK Reading Apps™ in the US and UK.
* Unbeatable Merchandising Opportunities: NOOK Press offers authors robust merchandising opportunities in the NOOK Store™ and NOOK ecosystem, including a new NOOK Press NOOK Channel on NOOK® HD and NOOK® HD+ coming soon. Select content will be in social media campaigns, e-mails and newsletters directed to millions of NOOK customers, resulting in broader audience reach, more sales and new independent bestsellers.

"What I love about NOOK Press is the ease of use and the intuitive tools," says Barbara Freethy, bestselling NOOK Press author. "NOOK Press also offers authors great merchandising opportunities and instant access to detailed sales reports, making it easier than ever to expand your readership and sell self-published eBooks."

Among the features and benefits of NOOK Press, authors will enjoy a simple and competitive compensation model, with no hidden terms or fees. NOOK Press authors can price their titles between $0.99 and $199.99 and receive a competitive royalty based on the given price. For NOOK Press NOOK Books priced at or between $2.99 and $9.99, authors receive 65 percent of the list price for sold content. For those priced at $2.98 or less, or $10.00 or more, authors receive 40 percent of the list price. NOOK Press authors will be compensated from the list price they set with no additional charges, regardless of file size.

NOOK Press will continue to introduce readers to more noteworthy reads in their favorite genres at a great price. NOOK Press NOOK Books, most priced at $2.99 or below, can be enjoyed across all of NOOK's award-winning readers and tablets, including the new critically acclaimed 7-inch NOOK HD and 9-inch NOOK HD+ tablets. NOOK Press NOOK Books can also be accessed through the free NOOK Reading Apps including NOOK for Android™ and NOOK for iOS, and on Windows 8 via the NOOK® for Windows 8 App. For more information on NOOK Press titles, please visit

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