Order & Chaos Online shakes things up with a major patch

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.11.13

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Order & Chaos Online shakes things up with a major patch
Go ahead and make a joke about whether or not this would qualify as some sort of crusade related to immolation.
Order & Chaos Online is definitely trending a bit closer to the chaos side today. Gameloft's mobile MMO is getting a major patch to shake up a number of the game's systems, starting with the level cap rising to 70. That alone will shake up player expectations, but the addition of two new areas for players to explore is going to give fans plenty of new options on their way to that expanded level cap.

Not a fan? Well, then, none of that is going to matter to you. But you can get into the game easier than before, with the patch allowing new users to sign in via Facebook accounts. There are also more mounts, pets, and a beauty salon for changing your character's appearance. So there's plenty to enjoy, but if you're playing it on your phone, you should probably pull your car off to one side of the road before downloading. Otherwise you'll be causing entirely the wrong sort of chaos out of the game.


[Source: Gameloft press release]
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