Sony releases a PlanetSide 2 app for iOS

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.15.13

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Mike Schramm
April 15th, 2013

Sony has released PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink (free, universal), an iOS app that connects with the popular online game PlanetSide 2. The MMO has you traipsing around another world, trying to claim facilities and land for one of three factions. Now, PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink will help you track those factions, your progress in the game and even lets you connect up with friends.

You can track your own online status, as well as your kills and all of the "cert points" you've earned (the game uses a certification system to unlock vehicles and weapons). And you can see a full map of the game in the app, so even when you're not near your computer, you can log in and see who's winning what.

The app also hooks into your guild's voice chat channel, so you can chat live with friends as you play. It seems like a very impressive second-screen app for the game, so if you're a PlanetSide 2 player, this one's a no-brainer. You can download the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink now.

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