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Telenav announces Scout for Cars: Built In, brings together phones and in-dash systems in navigation harmony (update)

Michael Gorman, @Numeson
April 16, 2013

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Telenav has long been a purveyor of navigation apps for phones, browsers, and cars, but today the company's revealed Scout for Cars: Built In to bring those platforms together. It's an in-dash system that provides both the form factor and UX optimized for autos and all the features of the Scout for Phones app. It works using Bluetooth to connect to iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices to sync your info and let you access the mobile app's current map info. It also borrows your phone's data connection, which gives users access to voice control and search and discovery features, plus real-time weather and traffic updates using the in-dash touchscreen.

Scout for Cars: Built In can also seamlessly hand off navigation duties to the phone when you exit your car -- a convenient feature for folks as directionally challenged on foot as they are behind the wheel. And, if you're worried about getting lost should you forget to bring your phone, fear not, for Scout for Cars: Built In uses your handset to provide a better experience, but it's not dependent upon it, so it still gets you where you need to go on its own. The system is currently available to automakers right now, so the system should be finding its way into dealerships sometime soon.

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Telenav Brings Connectivity and Personalization into Cars With Its New Scout for
Cars: Built In Navigation Product

Personalized navigation and search services connect the phone, computer, and car

Sunnyvale, Calif. - April 16, 2013 - Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), the leader in

personalized navigation, announced today the availability of a new embedded product in

its Scout for Cars line up, integrating in-dash navigation with mobile and cloud services

for real-time, personalized information. With Scout for Cars: Built In, automakers now

can offer in-car navigation with always up-to-date content and services while reducing

mapping costs – under their own brand or Scout. For drivers, they can connect their

familiar Scout for Phones service in their car and know it will always have the latest


"In-vehicle navigation has become commonplace in cars, but many lack real-time

services and personalization, and that's a key purchasing decision for consumers,"

said Roger Lanctot, associate director at Strategy Analytics. "Drivers want to access

their own content – music, big data, navigation, etc. – in the car. The merging of the

phone and car allows automakers to offer a product that never needs to be updated."

Connecting the Car and Phone

Most in-vehicle navigation systems are only able to receive broadcasted information

over the radio or satellite, but Scout for Cars: Built In combines technologies from

Telenav's embedded and smartphone products to provide a consistent and personalized

experience whether a driver is using Scout on their phone or in their car. Using

Bluetooth, the in-dash system connects with a fully functional, standalone smartphone

application to give drivers the ability to search, discover, and drive to places using one

product and at a lower cost than most comparable in-car navigation systems.

Consistent and Familiar Across Devices

Search results are easy to access across, Scout for Phones, and Scout for

Cars – so that drivers can use their favorite discovery and personalized navigation

service no matter where they are. The new Scout for Cars: Built In product will also sync

information from Scout for Phones into the car, allowing drivers access to the app's

features and services through the in-dash LCD touchscreen. In addition, Telenav is the

only company to offer an embedded product that transfers a route automatically from

the car's head unit to the phone for "last mile navigation," providing walking directions as

needed to the user's final destination.

Access to Information

The new Scout for Cars: Built In product can work with or without connectivity and brings

the most frequently used features to the in-dash home screen – including commute

times, local search, personal favorites, and recent trips. In addition, it addresses drivers'

top in-car navigation demands by making it easier to access addresses and points of

interest (POIs) through voice commands and one-box search, a feature that allows users

to enter the entire address or business in one step.

Other key features include:

Personalized Information: Favorites, recent trips, and commute times

automatically sync between the computer, phone, and car

Fresh Maps & POIs: Access to up-to-date maps and millions of POIs

Local Weather: Real-time weather and forecasts

Local Search: Integrated one-box search with automatic suggestions makes it

fast and easy to enter addresses & POIs

Real-time Traffic: Drivers save time with live traffic overlays and updates that

automatically reroute them around traffic jams or road congestion

Voice Control: Safety is increased as drivers are able to keep their hands on the

wheel with voice-activated commands

Flexible Branding: OEMs can offer embedded navigation in their vehicles under

their own brand, look, and feel

Companion App: OEMs can use Scout for Phones or their own branded

smartphone app to bring connectivity and services into the car

"Drivers are looking for a reliable, personalized, and connected navigation experience in

their car," Hassan Wahla, vice president and general manager of Telenav's automotive

business unit. "By leveraging Telenav's unique mobile and automotive capabilities, we

are delivering a customized product to OEMs, and a personalized user experience, that

drivers want and expect."

The new Scout for Cars: Built In product is available worldwide and can be rebranded

and designed to match the automaker's in-car experience. Founded in 1999, Telenav

has global experience providing navigation to the auto and mobile industries, with a

presence and partners in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Telenav is

currently partnered with Delphi (for General Motors vehicles) and Ford to provide in-car

navigation worldwide and works with carriers like AT&T to provide white label-branded

services to their subscribers.

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