HTC insists Nokia's injunction won't affect the One's current stock, new mics in the works

Brad Molen
B. Molen|04.24.13

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HTC insists Nokia's injunction won't affect the One's current stock, new mics in the works

In an email to press, HTC took the opportunity to make a few clarifications about the injunction filed by Nokia this week regarding the dual-membrane microphone in the One. The preliminary injunction claims that the high-amplitude mic, which HTC uses in its flagship device, was supposed to be manufactured exclusively for the Finnish company (and currently used in the Lumia 720). If you've been wondering how this particular action would affect sales of the high-end HTC handset, spokespeople assure us that it's business as usual for the company. According to its official statement, the One is not the actual target of any injunction in The Netherlands -- in actuality, the legalities of the matter are apparently only between Nokia and STMicroelectronics, the supplier of the component in question.

HTC tells us that Nokia's attempts to institute a recall of the One failed; since the products were purchased in good faith, the ruling states that HTC can continue to use microphones that are in its inventory. Despite having a history rich in manufacturing delays, we're told that this legal ruling will have no effect on the One's availability. The Taiwanese phone maker plans a transition to "improved microphone designs" as soon as its current stock of STM supplies has been exhausted, a move which HTC claims will be transparent to consumers. Head below to see the full statement.

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In light of several misleading stories regarding a recent injunction obtained by Nokia against STM (a supplier of components to HTC in The Netherlands) HTC looks to clarify the following points:

-Nokia has NOT obtained an injunction in The Netherlands, or anywhere else, against the HTC One.
-The Dutch proceedings were brought by Nokia solely against STM. HTC was not sued by Nokia in the Netherlands.
-The Dutch injunction prohibits STM from selling certain microphones to any company other than Nokia for a limited period.
-The judgment against STM states that HTC can continue to use microphones already purchased from STM in its products, because they were purchased in good-faith. Nokia's attempt to obtain a recall of microphones already sold to HTC failed.
-HTC will transition to improved microphone designs once its inventory of STM microphones is exhausted.

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