Microsoft IllumiRoom unlikely to get public demo until July

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Microsoft IllumiRoom unlikely to get public demo until July

Microsoft's view-expanding IllumiRoom technology looks doubtful to appear at the next-gen Xbox reveal in May. Speaking to our tech pals at Engadget, Microsoft Research's Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones said a public demo isn't likely until July's SIGGRAPH conference.

In addition, Microsoft Research says "IllumiRoom remains in the prototype stage, with much additional research left to be done before it could be made available broadly, but the progress thus far has been gratifying, and the possibilities are intriguing."

Following the info published yesterday, which earmarked the Kinect-incorporating coffee-table projector for next-gen hardware, Microsoft Research talked further about IllumiRoom at the CHI 2013 conference in Paris. In the presentation, Microsoft Research said it's only "scratched the surface of what is possible with IllumiRoom" so far.

The team wants to introduce more illusory effects around what it's calling "augmented gaming," and implement it around more genres; demonstrations to date tended to focus on first-person shooters and racing games.
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