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Our favorite ways to die in World of Warcraft

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It's safe to say that we've been around the block in World of Warcraft. We've been witness to epic events, scenic vistas, and many, many untimely deaths. Mostly our own. But of those many deaths, some were more memorable than others. Some we've stored away in the recesses of our memory to be revisited and laughed over at a later date. So just what are our favorite WoW deaths? We consulted the WoW Insider team as well as some of our extended network of friends and compiled the best answers into this list.

You might want to look before you leap
WoW can be so beautiful that sometimes we forget it's a game. A game that can kill you. And so sometimes we find ourselves exploring, wandering, or accidentally autorunning to our doom. Oops. Many -- most, in fact -- of our so-called "favorite" deaths seem to involve untimely falls.
  • Sarah Pine: My favorite way of having died was when I first made it to Hellfire Peninsula at 60, running around on my mount exploring (flying was at 70 at that time!), I leaped over a little hill only to find that there was no more land on the other side, because that was the edge of the continent. You fall for a while off of Hellfire before you actually die, I found out.
  • Anne Stickney: Once I decided to see if Outland had invisible walls around the edges. Um, for the record, it does NOT.
  • Brian Wood: I still have fond memories of a multitude of deaths from failing the shortcut jump to get to the Molten Core entrance in vanilla. Had lots and lots of opportunity to practice during ghost runs.
  • Michael Sacco: I liked going to the top of the Temple of Storms and leaping off.
  • @DoctorOddfellow: Well, #1 has to be tree-diving from Teldrassil, right?
  • @hestiahdruid: Shadow Step, Heroic Leap, or the Druid version behind a boss to fall to your doom.
  • @screwlewse: Falling into the lava where Magmaw stands.

As it turns out, many classes with skills to save them from falls seem to have frequent trouble with falls:
  • Allison Robert: I got into the habit of using swift flight form to "leapfrog" over mountains, particularly in Blade's Edge, during BC. You could pop flight form, crest a mountain, pop into caster form, and then enjoy a swift trip to the bottom of the hill, popping flight form before you actually hit. Whenever I mistimed this or lagged -- splat. Unfortunately I never quite broke myself out of the habit, and abusing swift flight form has probably killed me more than heroic raiding has.
  • @Syngry: jumping off a cliff before realizing you're not on your druid main.
  • @Inquiz_Nagrand: Recently, Saurok-leaping off the highest point in the Crag, having a lag spike and being too late to bubble...

Mount mishaps were also a common complaint:
  • @Lazerchickenwow: Accidental dismount midair when leaving arena thinking you are actually mounting up
  • @elepheagle: Accidentally dismounting in mid-air on the shaman w/ Reincarnation off CD. I'm just kinda like 'eh' and watch it happen.

It's not quite a fall, but we think this autorun mishap still counts:

  • @Cosmikyrie: SWIMMING UNTIL THE END OF FOREVER, DROWNING/FATIGUE. Then ghost drowning.

Watch your step!
Several mentioned the perennial favorite "elevator boss." If you're lucky enough to have missed any elevator boss encounters in your gameplay, we'll explain: when you step out on to an elevator platform an instant after it starts to descend, you will fall to your death instead of being gently transported to the ground. And when you do? You've been beaten by the elevator boss.

Ever wonder about the skeletons on the elevator floor in the Undercity? Those aren't there just for scenery: that's the elevator boss in action. This particular boss also claims a lot of lives in Serpentshrine Cavern and Blackwing Descent, where it was such a common occurrence that Blizzard started tracking it. Hey, Blizzard, where's our elevator boss achievement?

With friends like these...
Sometimes, you need to be wary of your friends.

  • Matt Walsh: Absent-mindedly taking a portal to Old Dalaran at the end of a raid while I still had the Forbearance debuff and thus no way to bubble and break my fall.
  • @Decepticonfan: Taking someone in the chopper w/sidecar and riding off the edge near the gunship in ICC screaming Happy Birthday.
  • @Spiffydude: I'm a fan of the Passenger Trick. Involves a passenger mount and instant flight/slow fall of some kid. You summon the mount, they get on, you go up, you dismiss the mount, you instant flight/slow fall, they die.
  • @Orkchop: The "helpful" mage at the end of a raid opening a portal to Old Dalaran.

That pull could have gone better
Pulling isn't easy, as these stories prove:

  • Matthew Rossi: I like dying by pulling just a little too much trash in an old raid. Like the time I tried to pull every single mob in the Harem section of Black Temple up to Mother and they stunlocked me to death. Now I know!
  • Allison Robert: Warrior tank pulling Brutallus while he had his fishing pole equipped. Splat.
  • Kristin Marshall: My favorite WoW deaths usually involve epic rocket boot powered pulls gone wrong.
  • @SkarnWoW: More than once I have Disengaged off something and gone splat. Usually meant to hit Deterrence.
  • @Orkchop: Vanilla UBRS. Hearing tank shout "Oh god, run!" zipping past me. Hunter had jumped down to Rend, pet pulled everything.

Tanking mishaps
Tanking also isn't easy:

  • Allison Robert: Paladin tank resetting his keybinds to work on a better setup shortly before we pulled heroic Anub-25. You know how X is the default keybind for "sit?" He'd previously remapped it to a cooldown. He picked up his bug adds, went to go hit his cooldown, and -- again, splat. It happened in two back-to-back pulls and we couldn't understand why he was taking massive crits all of a sudden until he realized what had happened.
  • Olivia Grace: My favorite WoW death was actually several deaths, which weren't funny at all at the time, but are hilarious to look back on.... tanking magmaw, before the fixed his aggro, you had to hit his head a little, and then when he lifted back up get aggro on his reset body as fast as you possibly could. I was a fan or tabtargeting to pick him up before he started munching DPS, but when I started that encounter, my autorun was bound to the key above my tab, to the left of 1. I ran into the lava. A lot.

Memorable encounters
Some mobs you just don't forget:

  • Fox Van Allen: I was always partial to being killed by the Lich King in Howling Fjord.
  • Kristen Marshall: I do have fond memories of hearing that dreaded sound while questing in Hellfire. You know the one... ahh, it's a Fel Reaver! *squish*
  • @TehSmit: Getting a world boss spawned on top of me.
  • @Orkchop: Wrath beta, did Hellfire Ramparts with 5 DKs. Last boss we all die, but 2 of us come back as ghouls and finish the boss.
  • @sparrowmorgan: Death by Hogger. At level 80.

Warlocks. Why does it always have to be warlocks?
We've got nothing against warlocks, but in this completely unscientific study, they do seem to have a disproportionate number of fatalities reported.

  • Allison Robert: I watched a warlock jump a warrior in PvP and die to his/her own spell after the warrior cannily Spell Reflected it. It was glorious.
  • @hestiahdruid: My first death EVER in WoW -- Having an infernal dropped on me at level 8 by a friend showing off their warlockiness.
  • @wowcynwise: Warlock parachute -- soulstone, then throw self out of zeppelin / off a mountain.
If nothing else, we do hope our many untimely demises have given you something to laugh about -- and maybe your own deaths don't seem quite so bad in comparison to ours. Have any favorite deaths of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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