The Queue: Fury Oh Fury

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|05.01.13

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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Last night I discovered Nico Vega. What does that have to do with World of Warcraft? Absolutely nothing, but it's good music!

Nurpholomew asked:

Any chance we will see factions once again emoting their love for us at exalted as in BC? I absolutely love walking around having NPCs laud my awesomeness. Narcissistic? Maybe but for me it helps the immersion factor by quite a bit.

I have no answer to this, but I also really enjoyed that. The Kirin Tor also did it in Wrath of the Lich King as I recall, but I haven't noticed it since then.

JeffLaBowski asked:

So what happened to Lorna Crowley? I just did the quests again in Silverpine. Does she show up again in any other areas? There is a woman in Grizzly Hills but I don't remember if that was her.

She fell off the map after Silverpine, as did the rest of the worgen story. Micky Neilson, Blizzard's Lead Story Developer, recently mentioned on Twitter that they'd like to revisit the worgen. When they do, Lorna would be a part of that story. Here's hoping it happens!

Nocjin asked:

Why do tailless pandas have that...stub thing? It looks horribly like a turd protruding.

Because evolution. Pandas IRL have that stub thing.

Tauslock asked:

First question ever to the queue - how is it that crafted materials have the name of the toon that crafted them? Was it always the case? Does it stay indefinitely, even if the character is deleted? Any way to remove it?

It has always been there and it does remain indefinitely. I'm not sure if it persists across server transfers since I've never actually transferred servers, but I have bags on my bank alt that were crafted in 2005 and still have the creator's name on the item.

BaronOfTheLake asked:

Think we could have another how to transmog/show off your own transmog article again soon? I love to see how other people design themselves.

I'll tell the staff's muses to get with the program. Hopefully you'll see something soonish.
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