Tokyoflash reissues its Kisai Rogue SR2 and Kisai Stencil watches in wooden form (updated)

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Tokyoflash reissues its Kisai Rogue SR2 and Kisai Stencil watches in wooden form (updated)

Tokyoflash is known for crafting some seriously cryptic, over-the-top timepieces, and its latest efforts are no exception. Today, the company announced a revised pair of wristwatches that aim to pull your attention away from your smartphone's clock. Unlike the original Kisai Rogue SR2, its wooden successor is a combination of maple and sandalwood wrapped around a prominent always-on LCD lined with a circle of connecting blocks in place of a traditional set of numbers. The watch's display comes in three natural colors -- we know red and green are on deck but the third remains a mystery (though blue seems a safe bet).

The second time-teller to get a makeover is the Kisai Stencil. This limited edition design sports a natural maple or sandalwood casing and your choice of a black or white leather wristband. The Stencil's enigmatic LCD displays time in an almost scrawled four block space that the company claims is "very simple to read." In celebration of the launch of its new gear, Tokyoflash is offering both watches at a discounted price of $99 until Friday at 4PM JST.

Update: Tokyoflash reached out to us to clarify that the Kisai Rogue SR2 Wood's LCD is available in green, red and orange. At this time blue isn't an option. Sorry, Smurf fans.


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