Loewe Reference ID TV hits the UK in July with full customization and a 1TB DVR

Loewe has staked its success in the TV market on personalized designs, and it's taking that concept to its logical extreme with the upcoming Reference ID. First shown at IFA last year, the LCD set is now due to reach the UK in July with progressively wilder customization options. Owners will only have a choice of covers for the built-in 160W speaker at first, they'll get frame selections later in the summer, and full customization of materials and patterns this fall -- if they want a set housed in leather and gold, it can happen. Conformists might still be happy with the Reference ID between its 3D-ready 400Hz panel, media streaming and a dual-channel DVR with 1TB of space. Loewe's adaptable design won't be cheap for discerning Brits, however: 40-, 46- and 55-inch variants will respectively cost £4,500, £5,500 and £6,500 ($7,007, $8,564 and $10,121), and that's before applying a personal touch.