The Queue: Music is distracting

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The Queue: Music is distracting
The Queue: Music is distracting
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Sarah Pine (@ilaniel) will be your host today.

Thanks to tumblr for introducing me to the Armenian pop singer Sirusho. I can't get this song out of my head, despite not understanding a word of it. This video in particular has been praised for featuring some wonderful Armenian design, and it's easy to see why!

Ron2 asked:

What's your favorite class and/or race for a gathering alt? Horde or Alliance, Mining, Herbing, and/or Skinning, I leave that up to you.

As already mentioned by commenters, you can't beat a druid for herbalism. Druids conveniently stay in flight form while herbing, and swim form is great for getting at all that Stranglekelp at the bottom of Thousand Needles. Also a commenter recommendation: paladins, with their mounted speed bonus, are good for everything. My dwarf rogue is a miner, and stealth is great for avoiding mobs while gathering. For skinning and cloth, I recommend any class with excellent kiting and AoE damage for rounding up and killing groups of mobs. Death knights and shamans' water-walking abilities make them great fisherfolks.

dashinimbecile asked:

I've just recently returned to WoW after a very much needed break! And I noticed the belfs are kinda warming up to the idea of the Alliance. Of course there is friction. You know, the whole Jaina goes crazy-go-nuts thing. But, even then, the high elves. Acting for the "Kirin Tor". The good old Silver Covenant.

Now the question, I could probably guess the belfs will remain on the Horde. For gameplay reasons. However, since the pandaren were a pretty big success. As in, one model, two factions. Do you think we may see some high elves joining the alliance as a playable race?

There have been a lot of calls to make high elves a playable Alliance race. Personally, I think that there are enough playable elves in WoW as is, but I do see a couple of ways it might be done. The biggest initial problem to solve would be the high elf starting zone - where would it be? The obvious answer is Dalaran, but to actually change the city to be Alliance-only would severely disrupt Northrend questing. Otherwise, it could be phased as a starting zone, which is more plausible.

The other possibility is more far-fetched, but could be really cool! Many players are speculating a Burning Legion-themed expansion for the near future, and that would be a perfect time to reintroduce Alleria. Perhaps playable high elves could be part of her band, and you could start off-world!

That might be a bit of a stretch, though.

bluewarrior32 asked:

Why is it that we haven't been able to have Horde and Alliance together in instances, or raids? It cannot be because of lore. I mean each expansion in WOW itself has us working together. Even outside the game Horde and Alliance work together. In my honest opinion I think it is hardware related more than lore.

I think there are two big reasons Horde and Alliance players can't group up or communicate in-game, and they both have to do with player experience. Reason number one is a question of atmosphere: the first choice you make when you begin to play WoW is which faction to be, and it's a meaningful choice precisely because it alienates you from half the game. Choose wisely!

Reason number two is due to player bad behavior. When WoW was very new, Forsaken players could understand and speak Common, which makes sense lore-wise. Unfortunately, players abused this ability to communicate cross-faction and harassed each other endlessly, thus Blizzard gave Forsaken their own language.

This issue would also be something to consider in relation to the previous question about high elves becoming a playable race. They too would need their own language to avoid the Forsaken-speaking-Common problem, despite the fact that it wouldn't make sense for one to exist.

AdamParkinson asked:

So, what is YOUR favorite song to play when fighting a boss in Throne of Thunder?

Playing other music while raiding really distracts me, to the point where it hurts my performance, so I just leave the normal WoW music on. Once, in TBC, I commented to my raid about how beautiful Black Temple's music was. After a brief, awkward silence over Vent, one of our hunters said, "Oh, I never listen to WoW's music, I always have something else on." The rest of the raid agreed.

I felt so alone. :(
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