Groupon POS builds upon Breadcrumb with simplified point-of-sale interface for iPad (update: pulled)

Groupon POS builds upon Breadcrumb with simplified pointofsale interface for iPad

Last year, Groupon acquired Breadcrumb, a New York City-based startup known for its affordable iPad-based point-of-sale system. Now, a new Groupon-branded version of the tool, called POS, arrived in the iTunes store this morning, giving merchants a venue to process and track customer tabs, with a much simpler interface. The app, which appears to be a significantly dumbed-down version of Breadcrumb, is compatible with an optional cash drawer and printer, according to the iTunes listing, but doesn't appear to offer advanced management functionality, such as time sheets and advanced reports (though basic stats are tracked). Groupon POS is available for download now at the source link below -- subscription info is lacking, but based on the limited functionality here, we wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's free.

Update: Groupon has pulled the app from iTunes pending a future launch of the POS product, which will be released under a different name.