Adaia talks up new rugged, seaworthy Android phone from team of Nokia vets

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It still doesn't have a ton to show off, but we are now at least getting a better picture of what upstart Adaia has in store for its first smartphone. Speaking with AllThingsD, CEO Heikki Sarajarvi (just one of a number of former Nokia workers at Adaia) explained that he was driven to create the company after destroying one too many smartphones while sailing. Now, the company finally has a working prototype of its first device -- one that's not only rugged, but with both cellular and satellite connectivity to keep the more adventurous among us connected at all times.

As for the hardware, Adaia says that it's partnered with BMW Group's DesignworksUSA on the industrial design, which is said to be inspired by a topographical map, while Elektrobit will be handling the inner bits. The phone will be dubbed the Blackcomb according to the company's website, and apparently won't be available to the public until sometime next year. It will, however, be put to the test this summer when a team attempts to cross the Northwest Passage with it in tow. It also, unsurprisingly, won't come cheap. As far as a price goes, Sarajarvi would only say that it'll cost more than a high-end smartphone, but less than the four phones he's had to replace put together.

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