BioWare 'actively investigating' recent SWTOR bannings

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|05.23.13

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BioWare 'actively investigating' recent SWTOR bannings
BioWare 'actively investigating' recent bannings
If you follow Star Wars: The Old Republic at all (and judging by the response to our tip line, you do!), you've heard the hullabaloo involving crystals and account bans going on right now. It appears some players have found they can bypass the fee necessary to unlock crystals account-wide in the Collection UI by spawning multiple crystals and using the Legacy system to trade those crystals to alts. As a result, a number of accounts have received temporary bans for exploiting. However, a number of players also claim they were caught in the cross-fire just for having a large number of legitimate crystals in their inventory, not realizing that was considered an exploit.

BioWare has issued a statement that it is aware of the situation and is actively investigating and that more information will be posted when it is available. In regard to the deleted and locked threads involving the issue, BioWare also reminded players that posts discussing exploits or action taken against accounts is not permitted on the forums.

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BioWare 'actively investigating' recent SWTOR bannings