Black Sheep Online gameplay detailed in new vids

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|05.23.13

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Black Sheep Online gameplay detailed in new vids
Black Sheep Online screenshot
Neowiz is probably best known to western MMO fans as the publisher behind BLESS, one of those gorgeous big-budget Korean imports that seems to land on our shores once or twice per year. The firm is working on another title called Black Sheep Online, though, and if the gameplay vids and screenshots on display at are any indication, the new title might be worth watching.

The game allows for different limb-focused hit boxes (so targeting arms and legs is a viable strategy), and it also features destructible environments including breakable dungeon walls. Steparu reports that Black Sheep boasts action-style combat and some sort of grappling system. You can check out a gameplay video after the cut, then head to for the full report.

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