Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson set to join Apple

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Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson set to join Apple

Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson set to join AppleOver the past few years, Apple has strived to make marked improvements when it comes to the environmental friendliness of its products and operations. For instance, Apple notes on its website that all of the company's data centers are completely powered by energy from renewable sources.

During Tuesday evening's sit-down interview at the All Things D conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook touched briefly on the company's efforts to minimize the impact its products and processes have on the environment. In doing so, Cook noted that Lisa Jackson, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will be joining Apple.

When you get larger, you get more attention. It comes with the territory. We're doing incredible work in the environment for example. We've been focused on that for a long time...eliminated toxins from all of our products, running data centers on 100 percent renewable energy, largest solar farm of any non-utility. Lisa Jackson is joining Apple ... she recently left the EPA and will be coordinating efforts across the company. She'll be reporting to me.

Jackson stepped down from her position at the EPA this past December after four years with the agency.

All Things D via Mac Rumors

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