Homeworld creators dive into new 3D RTS, Hardware: Shipbreakers

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Homeworld creators dive into new 3D RTS, Hardware: Shipbreakers

The original team behind the Homeworld series has a new, 3D RTS game called Hardware: Shipbreakers, launching in closed beta in Q4 2013. Shipbreakers comes from Blackbird Interactive, founded by developers who created Homeworld and the executive producer of Homeworld 2, Dan Irish.

The first gameplay trailer for Shipbreakers has a squad of air- and land-based vehicles search the remains of a downed spaceship, with a glimpse of the overhead RTS command scheme. All gameplay footage in the trailer is in-game and real-time, Blackbird says.

Those interested in getting down with that closed beta can sign up for a potential spot on Blackbird's site.
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VANCOUVER, Canada – May 29, 2013 – Blackbird Interactive, a videogame developer specializing in sci-fi real-time strategy games, has released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming online strategy game HARDWARE: Shipbreakers. Following the release of a series of assets introducing the game's visual style, this brand new trailer will show players how in-game graphics have been fully realized based upon the iconic, original concept art. Players can expect the game to closely resemble the stylized concept art as they traverse the varied terrain of LM-27.

In the gameplay trailer released today, entitled "First Contact," players can get a first look at the derelict ship graveyards, unit formations and the completely free control camera as well as never before seen in-game units. This video marks players' "First Contact" with the game and the game's first contact with enemy units, the shipwrecks around which gameplay occurs. Fans of Homeworld, which came from the creators of HARDWARE: Shipbreakers, will notice the eerily familiar look and style of the air units in HARDWARE: Shipbreakers.

The closed beta is scheduled to begin Q4 2013 and is now open to applicants. Players can support the game's development through the purchase of limited edition pre-sale packages at www.blackbirdinteractive.com/store.
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