Retro Game Music Bundle has new albums for Duke, Jazz Jackrabbit

Retro Game Music Bundle has new albums for Duke, Jazz Jackrabbit

The Retro Game Music Bundle throws down some sweet and never-before-released albums from video game alumni – including Duke Nukem 2 and 3D, Myst, Shadow Warrior, Double Dragon Neon and three Jazz Jackrabbit games – available in two tiers in "pay what you want" style.

Level one is for those who pay at least $1, and it includes the soundtracks for Duke Nukem 3D and Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 – neither of which have seen an official release – along with Tyrian, Myst, and 7th Guest/11th Hour.

Level two is available at $10 or more and it includes soundtrack premieres for Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 3, Major Stryker, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Wacky Wheels and a special remix album of Duke Nukem 3D featuring songs by Disasterpeace, Magnet Boy, Eirik Suhrke, Alex Brandon and more composers. Level two also gets soundtracks for Double Dragon Neon, Alter Ego, Edge, Magnetis and Lava Blade.

The Retro Game Bundle is available through June 5. Give it a whirl right here.

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MAY 23, 2013 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Game Music Bundle is taking you back, retro-style, to the music of the games that inspired and shaped the gaming industry. $1 gets you our starting lineup, including never-before released soundtracks and some good ol' favorites:

Myst (remastered 20th anniversary)
Duke Nukem 3D*
7th Guest / 11th Hour
Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2*
Level up your bundle by contributing at least $10 to get even more exclusive content:

Shadow Warrior*
Duke Nukem 2*
Jazz Jackrabbit 3*
Double Dragon Neon
Major Stryker*
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure*
Wacky Wheels*
Alter Ego
Lava Blade
Duke Nukem 3D - Remix*
* First-ever official soundtrack release!


The story of the Retro GMB is a long one, but one that expresses our mission as fans of gaming soundtracks - we've built our own success on the backs of these legendary composers, and it's our honor to help them breathe new life into the works that caused us to fall in love with video game music in the first place.

We knew many of our friends - indie game composers, many of whom have been on past Game Music Bundles - would feel the same way, so we worked out a deal to produce an exclusive Duke Nukem Remix Album, which we're throwing in with the level 2 items! The album features 13 of the most outrageously ridiculous remixes we've ever rocked out to, from names like:

Whitaker Trebella
Magnet Boy
The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
Eirik Suhrke
Kunal Majmudar
Hyperduck Soundworks (two tracks, one feat. Stemage)
Jeff Ball
Coda & DJ Bouche
Alex Brandon (who loved the idea so much, he had to throw on a remix of his own!)

Of course, no Game Music Bundle would be complete without some truly epic Leaderboard prizes, and we've gone all out to ensure that our top contributors are handsomely rewarded with their own slice of delicious Retro glory.

Our Top 10 contributors will receive brand-spankin'-new Game Music Bundle T-shirts. They'll also get a limited-edition poster of the Duke Nukem 3D album art!

Our Top 3 contributors will receive a personalized message recorded by the voice of Duke Nukem himself, the incomparable Jon St. John! As part of the top 10, they'll also get a T-shirt and poster!

Our overall top contributor will receive a set of 3 original concept sketches from Robyn Miller's work on Riven - the Sequel to Myst! This awesome fan gets it all - the sketches, the custom message from Duke, the t-shirt and the poster!

The Retro Game Music Bundle is available from May 23rd until June 5th, 2013.

Game Music Bundle is produced in San Francisco, CA by re:discover, inc - a licensing, bundling, and delivery platform for digital content that specializes in third-party rights clearance, direct-to-fan distribution, pay-what-you-want pricing and real-time sales feedback.