Daily iPad App: Musyc lets you build beautiful music using lines and shapes

Musyc from FingerLab isn't your standard music-making app. There's no fretboard, no keyboard or synthesizer interface. There is just a bunch of lines and shapes. I was doubtful when I first downloaded the app, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Musyc is a blast.

Musyc allows you to draw lines on a canvas, select shapes that make sounds and start making music. You drop the shapes on the line and they bounce to create a rhythmic sound. Each shape has a different sound and a different beat. Add a few circles, throw in a triangle and you've got a basic rhythm. You can create multiple lines and bounce the shapes from line to line to change their pattern of bouncing. Shapes can even bounce into each other to make more sounds. Once a shape bounces off the end of a line, it falls down the screen and disappears.

As you can imagine, you can build an amazing array of lines and add multiple shapes to create a wide variety of music. There are different sound banks like jazz and mallets, so you can select the sound that best meets your line structure or your mood. If you like what you have created, Musyc even has a recording feature that'll record a beat and let you share it via Dropbox, SoundCloud, email and more.

Musyc has a nice mix of creativity and engineering that'll appeal to music lovers and techies alike. The app is free from the iOS App Store and includes three shapes and several soundkits including arcades, modern jazz and sheffield sounds. Additional shapes or soundkits can be purchased for US$1.99 each or you can pay $3.99 to unlock everything in the app.