Californian WoW players imprisoned for neglect

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Californian WoW players imprisoned for neglect
Californian WoWplayers imprisoned for neglect
A story has emerged today about a WoW-playing couple, who have been imprisoned in Southern California. The Albany Tribune states that the couple, both 41, were charged with two counts of child abuse, and two of false imprisonment, relating to the ten-year-old and five-year-old girls who were in their care. This is according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office.

It is reported that the two girls were locked in the couple's mobile home while said couple played World of Warcraft. The home was highly unsanitary. When police arrived, they reported that it was covered in mold, cobwebs, trash and even feces, and lacked a working toilet. The girls themselves were malnourished, with matted hair, rotted teeth and dirt crusted on their feet. The girls, who were related to the couple, were not permitted to leave the mobile home for any reason, including school.

While mass media may be quick to hop on the bandwagon of blaming World of Warcraft for tragic events such as these, it is an unfortunate truth that abuse happens with or without video games as part of the equation. World of Warcraft is not to blame for this couple's neglect of these children. Parenting and World of Warcraft can actually work really well together, in the right hands.

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