Terraria digging its way into mobile platforms

Terraria is a Steam title that just recently arrived on consoles, and now publisher 505 Games has announced that it's coming to iOS as well. The game is a 2D variant of the Minecraft-style sandbox genre, where players can hack away at squares of various types, recombining and reusing them to build machines, magic items or even dig on down and find various bosses and dungeon environments. The mobile version, says 505, will support leaderboards, achievements and Facebook integration as well, to share screenshots and other information about what you're doing in the game.

This move makes a lot of sense, given how extremely successful Minecraft, Deepworld and other sandbox titles of this type have been on mobile platforms and especially iOS. Though it is interesting to note that after arriving on Steam, Terraria decided to work on a console version first and foremost. A few months after release, we'll have to see which version of the game has had a bigger effect on their player base and the bottom line. Terraria for mobile platforms, including iOS, is set to arrive later on this summer.