Daily iPhone App: Kingdom Rush Frontiers makes great TD better

We've mentioned Kingdom Rush Frontiers here a few times before, so odds are you might know a little something about it already. But the long-awaited sequel / expansion to one of the best tower-defense games on the App Store has now gone live, for US$2.99 on iPhone and $4.99 on iPad, and you can now download it and defend towers to your heart's content.

Kingdom Rush has been on the App Store for a while (it originally began life as a Flash game), and Frontiers takes the winning formula of unit-based tower defense, and adds a whole lot of new content and extras. In addition to a whole new map and story to play through, there's a new upgrade tree to unlock as you go, which will buff up your towers in various ways. And there's now a "hero room," as you can hire and upgrade heroes to fight for you. There are new enemies to face in combat, all themed to fit the new environments. And finally, there are new powers to play with as well, which add even more strategy and excitement to the fights.

In other words, Kingdom Rush Frontiers takes a great game, and makes it a real classic. If you like tower defense at all, this one shouldn't be missed, and even if you just want to see one of the best games in the genre, you should give this one a look. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is available on the App Store now.