Hall considering PS4 version of DayZ

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.13.13

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Hall considering PS4 version of DayZ
Hall considering PS4 version of DayZ
How would a PlayStation 4 version of DayZ grab you? Mod creator Dean Hall is apparently considering it according to a blurb at Eurogamer.

Hall outlines the differences between publishing on Sony's console vs. Microsoft's, the latter of which requires a hefty fee for each update as well as a pre-existing publisher relationship. Hall tells Eurogamer that he's definitely interested in both platforms but his focus is currently on the standalone PC version of his celebrated Arma 2 mod.

"That's definitely something we'd look at, but we have to do the PC version first. Once we get the alpha out, that's a good time for us to run it up on a [PS4] dev kit and see what happens," he explained.
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