Aion 4.0 slated for August launch in Europe

Aion 40 lauches in August in Europe

While Daevas in North America are looking forward to Aion's 4.0 launch next week, those in Europe have to wait longer due to the extra localization involved with multiple languages. But that wait won't be long: Gameforge has announced that the latest expansion is planned to launch this summer. Volker Boenigk, Executive Product Director for Aion at Gameforge, stated, "The necessary work towards this for 4.0 is progressing well and I'm confident that the update will be available on the European servers in August."

Eager to storm the lands of Katalam or try your hand at the new Engineer or Artist classes (which become the Gunner and Songweaver, respectively)? if so, your time will soon be at hand.

[Source: Gameforge press release]