Molyjam Deux to use real Molyneux quotes as inspiration for games

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Molyjam Deux will use the real Molyneux's quotes
Molyjam Deux will blow your mind – but in an entirely different way than it did last year. Molyjam is a game jam spawned from the Peter Molyneux parody account, Peter Molydeux, which tweets out ridiculous game ideas that wouldn't be out of place in the real Molyneux's feed. Last year, developers used Molydeux's tweets to create exciting games with absurd premises, but this year they'll build games based on quotes from the real Molyneux, provided without context.

"Molyneux is a man who needs no assistance when it comes to parody," the organizers of Molyjam Deux write. "His own words are strong enough. Who but Molyneux has the strength to say things like, 'Pull the right trigger to see The Most Interesting Thing In The World.' Or, 'It's you Americans. There's something about nipples you hate.'"

Molyjam Deux offers 22 Molyneux quotes for developers to use – inspired by Molyneux's studio, 22Cans – including, "If you love your dog, we're gonna mess with your mind, man. You're not going to be able to go to bed," and, "I still have nightmares about holding German sausages over my head."

Molyjam Deux runs from July 5 - 7 in a range of venues worldwide. Check out the regions on the Molyjam map.
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