AbleGamers summer grants offer funds for assistive gaming tech

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AbleGamers summer grants offer funds for assistive gaming tech
AbleGamers summer grant program offers funds for disabled players
AbleGamers and Minicore Studios, the developer of coming space-dog adventure game Laika Believes, are teaming up to offer grants to purchase assistive gaming technology to players with disabilities. The program is called the "AbleGamers 2013 Summer of Fun Grant Program," and it's open to people of all ages. Take a look at the grant application here.

The application will be live until July 31; after that, the AbleGamers board will review the submissions and dole out funding as they see fit. AbleGamers Founder Mark Barlet says he expects to receive thousands of requests, Game Politics reports.

Minicore Studios founder John Warren says it's an honor to be involved in the grant program.

"Minicore is a huge supporter of the AbleGamers charity," he says. "We love what they do for the gaming community and those with disabilities. This was a perfect opportunity to get involved and help gamers with disabilities play."
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