Aion 4.0 launches today, includes Asmodian incentives [Updated]

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|06.26.13

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Aion 4.0 launches today, includes Asmodian incentives [Updated]
Aion 40 launches today, includes Asmodian incentives
Today's the day! After months of waiting, Daevas will finally be able to spread their wings in Aion's latest expansion, Dark Betrayal, when servers open. And 4.0 comes with a dizzying array of changes, not the least of which includes the new Gunslinger and Songweaver classes to try, the new lands to explore, new fortresses to siege, and new levels and new skills to gain.

To entice players into more balanced populations, NCsoft is also implementing an incentive program to encourage folks to play as Asmodians on certain servers; Asmodians on Tiamat, Siel, and Israphel will be rewarded with weapons, armor, and other supplies upon reaching certain levels. These rewards, however, are not retroactive and will only be granted on levels moving forward.

While those additions alone sound like enough to keep many a Daeva busy, there's plenty more. Other tidbits introduced in 4.0 are an extension of the Fast Track server to include Inggison and Gelkmaros and the removal of arrows when using bows. For even more details and impressions on Dark Betrayal, watch for Wings Over Atreia this weekend. And check out the new classes tonight in a two-hour show (with a special guest) on Massively TV starting at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

[Update: Expect a bit more downtime than anticipated. According to a post on the official forums, Aion "client files have gone missing from our 3rd party CDN" and the techs could need as many as six hours to fix the problem and bring the game online.]
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