DirecTV GenieGo takes the fight to Sling, brings TV streaming anywhere on PC and iOS

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DirecTV GenieGo takes the fight to Sling, brings TV streaming anywhere on PC and iOS

DirecTV GenieGo adds live streaming anywhere on PC and iOS, takes on Sling directly

DirecTV recently switched the name of its Nomad transcoding device to GenieGo to match its new DVRs, a change we first noticed on its Android app. On Windows PC and iOS the apps are about to get a new update that changes the name and lets users stream video from their DVRs over WiFi even when they're away from home (Mac and Android support is due later in the year.) Previously, it allowed users to stream live and recorded TV, or download recorded TV to a mobile device for viewing offline, but Slingbox-style streaming of live or recorded TV anywhere is new, and brings it closer to the device we thought it could be when it launched. Solid Signal and DBSTalk report the incoming update (not live yet, but it should pop up tomorrow) is easy to use, letting users stream recordings, start a recording so it can stream or remotely setting up the transcoder to make a mobile copy users can download once they get home. Satellite TV competitor Dish has brought deeper integration of Sling into its new Hopper DVRs, and now DirecTV has its own in-house solution, anyone thinking of switching sides?

Update: The updated app is now available, check it out at the source link below.

What's New in Version 2.2.116

- The DIRECTV® nomad app is now the DIRECTV GenieGO™ app.
- Now instantly stream recordings on your HD DVR anywhere you have a Wi-Fi Internet connection without having to be on the home network. Just click "Watch Now" on any program in your Playlist to start watching instantly.
- Set programs to prepare for download while you are away from home so they are ready to download when you arrive home.

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