New Microsoft ad takes another swing at the iPad

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New Microsoft ad takes another swing at the iPad

New Microsoft ad takes another swing at the iPad

Microsoft today unveiled a new commercial which, yet again, takes some shots against Apple's iPad.

In the advertisement below, a Windows 8 device is shown against Apple's iPad which is depicted as a stunted device to the extent that it's not capable of full multitasking.

Something tells me that the commercial above would elicit a hearty laugh from real baseball scouts.

It's also rather comical that the person talking to the scout with the iPad seemingly gets flustered when he can only hear audio and not see video, as if that would realistically bring a videoconferencing conversation to a standstill.

Microsoft's latest ad is the latest effort from Redmond to take shots at the iPad, which given its large marketshare, is to be expected. In previous commercials, Microsoft has taken the iPad to task for not being able to run PowerPoint, for not having a zoomable home screen, and for not having SD card support.

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