gdgt's best deals for July 10: Logitech UE Air Speaker, 24-inch ASUS LED Monitor

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Today's hottest deals include an AirPlay-enabled iOS device speaker at its lowest price yet, as well as a hot deal on a 24-inch ASUS LED gaming monitor. Want the latest deals delivered to your inbox? Join gdgt and add the gadgets you're shopping for to your "Want" list. Every time there's a price cut, you'll get an email alert!

Logitech UE Air Speaker

Logitech UE Air Speaker

Price: $199.99 (MSRP $399.99, lowest price yet). Free shipping/ Prime.
Buy: Amazon

Reviewers recommended Logitech's speaker as a solid third-party option for Apple devices, albeit with slight reservations. They praised its premium sound and its AirPlay streaming capabilities, but said it stumbled when compared to better devices in its initial price range, such as the Sonos Play:3. However, many of the gripes contained the caveat that the Logitech speaker would be well worth a look if found at a discount. Now that the discount is here, it looks to be a good time to buy and throw caution into the air(play).

ASUS 24-inch LED Monitor

ASUS VG248QE 24-inch LED Monitor

Price: $242.99 (MSRP $279, next best is $267) Free shipping/Prime.
Buy: Amazon

Boasting a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this monitor is geared for gamers looking to squash latency as they seek any edge possible during hardcore online frenzies. The 24-inch LED is also capable of rendering 3D images, if you've got the requisite software and glasses, and can handle HDMI, Dual-Link DVI and DisplayPort inputs. If you're looking for more HDMI ports and willing to spend a bit more, a better option may be the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, which has a gdgt Score of 90.


HTC One 32GB

Price: $99.99 with two-year AT&T or Sprint contract (regularly $199.99).
Buy: Best Buy

The universally-praised smartphone, called one of the greatest yet put out on the market, can be had for half the cost, taking another dip in the discount waters after first testing them in June. Its 4.7-inch 1080p screen, svelte design and effortlessly sleek user interface make the One not only a viable alternative to the ubiquitous iPhone 5, but arguably the superior choice. If you're looking to ditch a current phone to fall into the arms of the One, Best Buy is offering a $50 store gift card for any working phone.

iPad 3

Apple iPad 3rd-gen WiFi 64GB

Price: $399.99 with free shipping (next best is $567).
Buy: Walmart

Apple's now-discontinued tablet, its first with the coveted Retina display, was discontinued in October upon the release of the current-gen model. Leave it to an ever behind-the-times establishment such as Walmart to keep carrying the torch for the outmoded device, offering the mega-memory version for $200 off its original price. The older iPad may lack the speedier processing of the current model, but there's something to be said for nabbing a tablet that earned a blistering 97 gdgt Score when it hit the market just 16 months ago.

$50 Best Buy Gift Card

Buy two games, get a $50 Best Buy gift card

Price: $89.98-$119.98
Buy: Best Buy

Apparently eager to clear its inventory in advance of the big push of fall games, Best Buy slotted 15 relatively recent releases for a promotion that nets you a $50 gift card for the purchase of two games. Click the link for the full list, but some of our favorites include MLB 13: The Show (PS3) for $39.99 and The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) for $59.99. Beware of some stinkers in the lot, such as a $59.99 Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360/PS3), which is a great game, but can be found for $39.99 on Amazon.