Joe Danger mobile rolls out a mega update and a sale

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Joe Danger mobile rolls out a mega update and a sale
Joe Danger Mobile sale
Joe Danger mobile has peeled off 66 percent from its standard price of $3 on the App Store, and is now $1 for a limited time.

The sale is in conjunction with the game's biggest update yet. Update 1.0.3 adds 50 percent more content: a new game mode called new Calendar Tour, new levels, five new characters (bringing it to 32 total) and universal iCloud support. Calendar Tour offers players a new level to run through every day of the week. Complete all the levels in one weekly round and the next week's batch will be tougher to beat, and snag big coin rewards.

And then use those coins to buy one of the new characters, two of which are a pirate and a ninja.
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