Engadget Mobile Podcast 184 - 07.11.13

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|07.12.13

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Engadget Mobile Podcast 184 - 07.11.13

Yes, we've been away for a couple of weeks, but we're finally back, Engadget Mobile dwellers! Rest assured, we packed this episode with all the news we could fit into two hours -- of course, you'll have to wait until next week to hear our thoughts on the Lumia 1020! If you're living in the here and now, however, catch our stream below for our thoughts on the Google Play editions of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 and more.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen

Producer: Joe Pollicino

Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)

Hear the podcast

00:03:28 - Google Play GS4 vs. HTC One
01:05:47 - Android 4.2 for HTC One
01:10:03 - One S not getting any more updates
01:17:12 - Galaxy Mega review
01:27:00 - Galaxy S4 Active review
01:32:05 - Nokia 1020 pre-event
01:40:35 - LG teasers drop not-so-subtle hints of G2 launch at August 7th event (video)
01:43:28 - Motorola Ultra / Droid Maxx?
01:49:17 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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