Hi-Rez halts Tribes: Ascend updates for six months, may never come back to it

Tribes Ascend halts updates for six months, studio focusing on MOBA

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed no major updates are inbound for Tribes: Ascend, for at least the next six months. Responding to a complaint on Reddit about a lack of developer updates on the game, Hi-Rez head honcho Todd Harris said on Reddit and in the Hi-Rez forums that the studio is currently hard at work on its upcoming MOBA, Smite. And even after that, it's unlikely the developer will come back to Tribes: Ascend. Harris elaborated that beyond Smite, the goal is to finish Global Agenda 2, a sequel to Hi-Rez's Unreal Engine 3-powered MMORPG.

One team member has been working on new maps for Tribes: Ascend, Harris revealed, and these maps could be released eventually alongside some bug fixes – but it's not something the studio can place a timetable on right now. In fact, Harris concluded that it'd be more likely for Hi-Rez to pursue development on a sequel to Tribes: Ascend than to initiate work on a substantial update.