Infinity Blade: Dungeons officially canceled

Ilene Hoffman
I. Hoffman|07.12.13

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons officially canceled

The Epic Games Podcast talked with ChAIR Founder and Creative Director, Donald Mustard, this week. The week's news is a mix of celebration and sadness. The celebration is that you can download Infinity Blade II from the App Store for free this week.

The bad news is that planned next game, Infinity Blade Dungeons is cancelled. Dungeons was under development at Maryland-based Impossible Games, which unfortunately has gone the way of all things. Mustard assures us that the Infinity Blade world is still growing and that they have plans for more games, books, and possibly other products.

"The Infinity Blade games are all about sword fighting," according to Don Mustard. "It's about finding ways to break your enemy," for all skill levels. Parring is key with a mix of dodging and blocking. Gems, which can be found, won, or bought modify and enhance your weapons. It's a very popular game with a 5-star rating, recommended for age 9 and above.

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