Daily iPad App: You can't go wrong with Write

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Daily iPad App: You can't go wrong with Write

There's no shortage of text editors available for the iPad, and if you're someone who uses your tablet for word processing on a regular basis you've probably been through at least a few of them. Write is one such app, and while its straightforward design masks a lot of its bells and whistles, it proves to be one of the most capable productivity apps available.

Write features full Markdown support, allowing you to compose a document using syntax and then preview the final result in real-time even as you're still editing. You can activate the standard text editor features you'd expect - like bolding, italics, etc - as well as more advanced features like in-document tables via a slim toolbar just above the keyboard. This makes composing a document a smoother overall experience than when using most other word processor apps, simply because everything you need to complete your work is readily available on your screen at all times.

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One of the slickest features that helps set Write apart is its various swipe controls. Depending on your individual settings you can swipe downward on the screen to delete or save a document, swipe to the right to view works you've previously saved, and swipe to the left to view all available sharing options.

Speaking of sharing options, Write has perhaps the most comprehensive list of sharing tools available on an iPad text editor. You can email your document as an attachment, HTML, plain text, or PDF. You can shoot your text out to the world via Twitter or Facebook, or save it to Google Drive, Evernote, or PasteBin. Oh, and the app offers automatic syncing via Dropbox and iCloud.

When it comes down to it, text editor apps aren't particularly sexy, but if you're looking for an extremely capable word processor for your tablet you just can't go wrong with Write. The app is priced at an almost laughably low $1.99, which only makes this recommendation even easier. If you type on your iPad, you should probably get Write.

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Daily iPad App: You can't go wrong with Write