Post Haste for OS X creates project template folders

A rather curious app crossed my desk this morning. Aimed at creatives who make complex project folders repeatedly, Post Haste (free) enables you to create named directory hierarchies over and over again. You supply the project name and client name, and Post Haste builds your folders and skeleton files.

The idea is this. Many workflows include setting up folder groups. For example, if you spend time in Photoshop, you want to create a primary document, set up folders for raw source images, establish a set of reference images and so forth. Post Haste builds that skeleton on your behalf, bringing your project and client name references all the way down the tree.

Although the preloaded Post Haste templates are geared towards graphic designers, you can build your own for whatever client work is specific to your business.

So how useful is this idea? For me, not so much. My project folders use the same naming for each item, with few project changes. For me, the development edit or tech edit review directories don't need project-specific names. What's more, my projects never use particularly complex hierarchies. In other words, I've done it by hand for years and will probably keep going on as I've been.

That said, if you work on several projects at a time during your workday, juggling multiple clients and tasks, this may prove more useful.