Rockstar's Agent may not be KIA, trademarks suggest

Rockstar's Agent may not be KIA, trademarks suggest

While Rockstar Games' Agent entered deep cover and maintained radio silence over the last couple of years, a pair of recently-renewed trademarks discovered by Siliconera suggest that the espionage thriller may still be alive and under development.

The trademark filings (documented here and here, though public viewing requires a unique search session) specifically mention Agent's distinct logo, which features "the shape of a handgun comprising the internal section of the letter 'G'". No additional details regarding the project's current status are yet known.

Announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2009, Agent is a stealth-action game with a storyline set during the Cold War in the 1970s. The game later slipped to a 2010 release date, but failed to materialize.

Rockstar announced in 2011 that Agent was "still in development," but has not issued a clarifying statement in the years since.