Could Battle Coins be an earnable currency for the in-game store?

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Could Battle Coins be an earnable currency for the in-game store?
Could Battle Coins be an earnable currency for the ingame store
Over at MMO-Champion recently, some new strings were discovered in the client that have begun to cause some discussion. They point to something called Battle Coins being used on the in-game store in China and Korea at least, as part of the in-game store. These are alongside what's called a "Test Currency", which indicates that they might not be the only payment method available. Now, as we say a lot round here at WoW Insider, this is datamining, and should be taken as such. Don't consider it fact, consider it a possibility.

The notion of a second game-specific currency being part of the store opens up an interesting option: could this currency be obtained in-game somehow? Of course, it would likely be bought with real money and then spent, just like Riot Points. But, if it were the case that it could be earned in-game, what method would Blizzard use? Maybe it'd work like the Riot RP versus IP system, where you can use real-world currency or in-game earned currency to purchase things from the in-game store. Maybe you could use gold to buy battle coins, on the BMAH or in another in-game avenue. It seems less likely that there would be a way to grind them out, like farming Lesser Charms, or similar, but you never know.

If this is the case, and to be abundantly clear we don't know for sure that it is, would this change your opinion of the in-game store? Would you feel happier knowing you could convert gold into Battle Coins to spend? Or would you only be happy if it was another more grindable currency, such as JP or Lesser Charms?

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