Pinterest introduces enhanced tracking, offers opt-out option

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From the NSA to Mozilla, it seems like everyone wants to track your online activity (because you're so interesting, of course). Pinterest is the latest to jump on that bandwagon, but the company is keen to assure users that it's completely down with Do Not Track. In a blog post introducing its most recent update, Pinterest spelled out what its latest addition -- the "Edit Home Feed" option -- means for its users' privacy. Basically, you can now tailor your feed to provide you with content related to what you've been pinning. Additionally, Pinterest can track your activity on other sites (so long as they feature a "Pin It" button) to suggest boards based on your interests, though users can easily opt out under their account settings. With public concern over online tracking at an all time high (Thanks, PRISM!), Pinterest evidently didn't want to get caught on the wrong side of the divide.

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