Breakfast Topic: Who's your buddy?

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Breakfast Topic: Who's your buddy?
Breakfast Topic Who's your buddy
Even if you've done nothing more than stand on the sidelines to watch the antics of the World of Warcraft Twitterati (come chat with us @WoWInsider) scroll by, you can't help but notice that the WoW community is full of people who love to make friends with other WoW players. Guildmates open up on guild Facebook pages, throw summer barbecues, and fall in love.

Me, I don't play with friends much right now. My work schedule leaves my play time so intensely sporadic (two weeks on, a month away, another month solid followed by a smattering of occasional log-ins) that I tend to hop from project character to project character. But what I enjoy most is combining all my social gaming peeps in one spot: my spouse, our real-life gaming friends, our extended family of gaming buddies met over the years, and a current crop of guildies and friends encountered in game in the here and now.

Who do you play with -– a significant other, a real-life buddy? A group of regulars you met in Azeroth or in other games? A guild you're connected with for the time being, with no real plans to keep in touch once you've changed characters or left WoW? Or do you keep things casual, grouping only with random players you meet on a day-by-day basis?
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