Wings Over Atreia: A quick guide to Aion 4.0 dungeons, part 2

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|07.27.13

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Wings Over Atreia:  A quick guide to Aion 4.0 dungeons, part 2
Wings Over Atreia  A quick guide to Aion 40 dungeons, part 2
Do you want to know why you are wading into a particular instance and decimating all you see? Or are you more of a just-get-in-and-get-it-done kind of Daeva? Either way, you've come to the right place! Welcome to the second half of the handy dandy Aion 4.0 dungeon guide. From lore to location, this guide will aid you in your journey to lay the smackdown on the latest Atreian troublemakers that are so rudely keeping your new loot from you.

In the first half of the guide we could cover only six of the new instances: Steel Rose, Kamar Battlefield, Danuar Mysticarium, Danuar Reliquary, Danuar Sanctuary, and Idgel Research Center. Today's part two introduces and offers a bit of insight into the five remaining Dark Betrayal dungeons spread throughout Aion's newest zones of Katalam, Danaria, and Idian Depths. Each of these instances is for Daevas level 65+ and for groups of six (unless otherwise noted).

Wings Over Atreia  A quick guide to Aion 40 dungeons, part 2
Eternal Bastion

Eternal Bastian was constructed by the Danuar in Danaria after fleeing Beritra's destruction in Katalam. However, the Danuar ultimately fell there, too, and Eternal Bastian became the main route between the regions for Beritra's army. Because of its strategic importance, Elyos and Asmodians captured it, and Beritra wants it back. Daevas must defend the position from Beritra's army by destroying Beritra's siege weapons and killing Pashid, the lieutenant who leads the siege.

This dungeon is located in Danaria's Icethorn Frontier Post. To enter, Elyos must speak to Daedalus, and Asmodians to Shuvanhilt. Only the faction that controls this base can enter, and each member of the group pays three Blood Marks. Unlike most of the other dungeons, Eternal Bastion is always open, but the cool-down timer is the longest at 168 hours.

Infinity Shard
Infinity Shard

Although the Danuar did create the Hyperion, a massive Ide-powered weapon, to fight Tiamat, the Dragon Lord attacked before it could be unleashed upon her. Instead of letting Tiamat get a hold of it, the last survivors of the Danuar hid its remains in the Distorted Energy Nexus. In his search for the weapon after Tiamat's death, Beritra discovered the Infinity Shard where it was hidden. Daevas must race to deny Beritra the power of the Hyperion.

Located in the bottom center of the Idian Depths map, Infinity Shard also requires a special Infinity Shard Waykey made in the same manner as the one for Danuar Reliquary (crafted from designs acquired from the Special Morph Distributor NPC that appears when your race occupies the Icethorn Frontier Post plus materials dropped by mobs in all three new zones). There are no quest prerequisites for Infinity Shard, but it is available only between the hours of 10:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m. EDT the next day on Wednesday and Saturday. The cool-down for this 12-man instance is also 168 hours.

Wings Over Atreia  A quick guide to Aion 40 dungeons, part 2
Ophidan Bridge

A Runic Siege Gun, powerful enough to wipe out any region in the area, is holed up in the mountains near Katalam, just waiting for Beritra to pull the trigger. Can the Elyos and Asmodians destroy this weapon before it destroys them? To do so, they must cross a narrow bridge and fight past the defending outposts.

To take on the challenge of Ophidan Bridge, Daevas must travel to Beritra's Fist Garrison in Idian Depths. It opens from 10:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m. the next day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. A return trip can be made after 118 hours have passed.

Wings Over Atreia  A quick guide to Aion 40 dungeons, part 2
Sauro Supply Base

Once a secret temple hidden in the mountains sealed to keep evil out, this high-quality Idgel refinery was found centuries later by Sheba, the Brigade General of the Sheban Legion and Commander of Beritra's Intelligence Unit. Keeping the true nature of the place secret from her commander, she talked Beritra into designating this place as her base of operations. Now, she plans to use it to become the next Dragon Lord.

As in Eternal Bastion, access to Sauro Supply Base is granted only to the race that currently holds and occupies the Katalam base it is located in, the Soaring Archways Rampart. Also like EB, the instance is always open, and each Daeva must have three Blood marks to enter. Very unlike Eternal Bastion, however, this instance's cool-down timer is only 70 hours.

Void Cube
Void Cube

Once a storage for the powerful Ide during the Danuar's time, Void Cube was greatly affected by the massive explosion they accidentally caused when using their weapon in that whole rooms are disconnected and suspended in the Aether. Now the facility is a garrison for Beritra's army as it continues the search for that very weapon, and special barriers are in place to keep the Ide-altered aether out of the rooms.

The fifth and final dungeon this week, Void Cube is the third fortress instance, this time located in the Silona Fortress in Danaria. As in the previous fortress dungeons Idgel Research Center and Danuar Mysticarium, the NPC to speak to for admittance is inside the fort itself, so only the race that has captured and owns the fortress can enter. Also like the other two, Void Cube has a special version of the dungeon only for the conquering legion, and both versions share the same 70-hour cool-down timer.

It is also important to keep in mind that points are acquired by collecting gatherables as well as hunting monsters in the fortress instances. Also, the timed boss fight has different difficulty levels (higher levels grant more points). And don't forget to clear the zone, or you won't be seeing the boss at all!

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