DevJuice: Record UIViews with Glimpse

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DevJuice: Record UIViews with Glimpse

Glimpse offers an open source library from iOS Developer Wess Cope. It enables you to create QuickTime videos from your UIViews. The library records animations and actions, collecting screen shots over time, building a movie from the results.

The API consists of two calls: one to start recording, one to stop. An optional completion block processes a file URL after wrapping up the recording.

The project is surprisingly simple. It consists basically of an AV Foundation asset writer (for creating the QT movies) and a wrapper. There's no reason you couldn't use Glimpse for store deployment, for recording gameplay or similar tasks as well.

Glimpse is perfect for internal testing -- especially if you want to see how test subjects interact with different view layouts. (Cope's related Variant project helps execute those tests.)

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