Papers, Please legally enters Steam, Humble, GOG on August 8

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Papers, Please legally enters Steam, Humble, GOG on August 8

Papers, Please – a Dystopian Document Thriller – launches on August 8 on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for $10, on both PC and Mac. Pre-orders are live right now.

The game has players take on the exciting role of an immigration inspector in the early 1980s at the border of the fictional communist state Arstotzka, which has just ended a six-year war with its neighbor, Kolechia. Players must feel out discrepancies in documents from people asking to cross, some of whom are terrorists, spies and smugglers, and some of whom are kind old grannies wanting to see their families.

Papers, Please made its way through Steam Greenlight in May as part of the system's first "mini round" of games. The gameplay offers a twist on classic espionage mechanics, creator Lucas Pope told us in June:

"I was inspired originally by my trips through airport immigration in the last few years .... Instead of playing the cool spy protagonist that slips through a checkpoint unsuspected, you can be the hard-ass inspector that casts their skeptical eye at every grandmother trodding through. That sort of role reversal sounded fun to me and I thought others might like it, too."

Papers, Please has 20 different endings in Story mode, based on the decisions players make each day as immigration inspector, though a "unique save system" allows for easy replays of any days. One ending unlocks Endless mode, which offers three game types and four rule sets built around an endless stream of travelers, complete with online leaderboards on Steam.
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