Daily iPhone app: Blendamaze is a marble tilt game filled with colorful challenges

Blendamaze from Borderleap is a clever puzzle game that mixes marble mazes with color theory. The object of the game is to roll marbles through a maze and coat them with paint. You must pick your paint carefully as you need to mix the colors in the right way to match the color of the hole at the end of the maze.

The app starts off easily with the primary colors, allowing you to mix and match paint to create greens, oranges and purples. It gets harder when you jump to complementary and analogous colors. As an additional challenge, the games teleports your marble to different parts of the maze after you coat it with a layer of paint. If you are not careful, you could end up at the other side of the screen far away from your target. It takes some concentration as well as trial and error, but you do eventually figure out the color combination and the correct maze path to complete a level.

My only critique of the game is the tilt control, which can be hard to master. You have to hit the paint buckets at the correct angle to drop the marble into the color. If you miss slightly, you will rim right around the edge. There is no timer, so you don't lose points when you rim a bucket. It's more of a minor irritant than anything else.

At its core, Blendamaze is a simple marble tilt game, which makes it enjoyable and easy to pick up. The challenge of creating perfectly colored marbles makes this puzzle game engaging enough to keep you occupied for the long term. It's a great go-to game for those few free minutes between activities when you are looking for something engaging to do.

Blendamaze is available for free from the iOS App Store. A US$2.99 in-app purchase will unlock the entire game. You can also buy or earn points to unlock levels.