Shine fitness accessory lands at Apple Stores

The Misfit Shine -- a crowdfunded fitness tracker that became a hit on Indiegogo -- almost looks like a Cupertino product already. As Mashable reports, the sleek little gadget is about to hit the shelves of your local Apple Store, where it will undoubtedly fit right in.

The device itself is a competitor to products like Nike's FuelBand, the Jawbone Up and FitBit, and works hand in hand with a companion app for iOS that displays your activity level and other statistics. What's more, the tiny aluminum accessory also works as a rather stylish watch. Interestingly, Misfit Wearables was co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, so the familiar design philosophy at work on the Shine may not be a coincidence at all. The Shine is priced at US$99.