Takes for iPhone creates videos to share

Mel Martin
M. Martin|08.08.13

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Mel Martin
August 8th, 2013
Takes for iPhone creates videos to share

Takes is a free iPhone app that turns still images taken with the app into "moving pictures" and then stitches them together into a video montage. The resulting movie can be up to a minute long, and then music can be added from your own library or an included library of clips.

The app recreates camera movement before and after the image was taken, and while the result is hard to describe, the image is composed of video clips captured while you were taking still photos. It's an interesting result, and many users are very happy with the final product. Behind the scenes, Takes is grabbing a short video when you snap a photo and the app monitors the sensors of the iPhone so it knows how the phone is moving. Algorithms in the software try to determine the perfect clip based on motion data and the length of time you pointed at a particular scene. It appears to find longer shots more interesting, probably because you spent more time focusing on one subject.

The app implies that you need a Facebook login for it to work, but it's possible to just skip that login and proceed to the next screen.

In practice, Takes works pretty well. I took a neighborhood stroll and Takes assembled a nice movie based on my shots. I might have been able to edit something better, but that would be time-consuming, and editing is a matter of taste. At any rate, Takes created a nice video that I could save to my camera roll, or post to Facebook or Twitter. The app also includes filters for a kinda-sorta Instagram look.

Takes is really interesting, and a lot of thought went into developing this app. The best way to get a feel for what the app does is try it yourself, or check out the app's website.

Takes requires iOS6 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5.


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