Final Fantasy XI celebrates 11 years with high-level presents

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|08.09.13

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Final Fantasy XI celebrates 11 years with high-level presents
Whatever you paid for today will be free for someone tomorrow.
Final Fantasy XI has been running continuously for 11 years now and just released its fifth expansion earlier this year. There are only a handful of other games that can boast that sort of longevity, so it seems only reasonable that the game would do something to celebrate. And it is celebrating... by granting every player several major high-level prizes as part of its Abyssea and Atma Axtravaganza. Aside from alliteration, that should give you an idea of what the prizes entail.

Every player who does not already possess the three Abyssea add-on scenarios will receive all three free of charge. All players will also receive a free Lunar Abyssite, 11 different Atma, 100,000 cruor, and a major bonus to your traverser stone stock in Abyssea. Those who haven't played the scenarios might be looking on with confusion, but if you have played these before you know that this is a whole lot of power for free. So don't miss out -- the event is running until October 11th, after which point you'll just be celebrating missing out on a big giveaway.
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